Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What the F is a gore point?

Click here if you want to know
What the F is a gore point?

Word power is world power :)    So I hope you will take a minute to learn a new word.  You will never need it, but you will impress your friends.  

If you have ever driven across the West Seattle bridge, then you have seen a gore point.  And if you ever breach the gore point during your commute -- woe be to you!

If you want to know more about how this relates to the West Seattle bridge commute, just go to my favorite local news source, www.westseattleblog.com  and search on "gore"...



Saturday, July 27, 2013

No cross -- No Care!

Summer provides me great respite from having to commute across the bridge.

During this blissful bridge crossing sabbatical,  I have made a most astounding, albeit discouraging discovery.  I believe I have uncovered the mystery as to why there is such complacency, by many in Seattle, about the ridiculous and unbelievable West Seattle bridge commute situation.

The complacency of the multitudes of non West Seattle bridge commuters is quite simply the result of ignorance stemming from  inexperience.  Stupid non-commuters -- they don't care and they don't even care that they don't care.

Example:  I have a friend who all but dismissed my complaints about the horrendous nature of my daily commute across the bridge.   Whenever I would describe the utter moronic bridge experience -- and begin to foam at the mouth and rage on about how ridiculous and unacceptable it was -- she would simply nod her head and respond in a most unsatisfying  yet polite way.  "Yes -- that must be very frustrating."  she would say outwardly, while clearly yawning and playing the violin in her head.  She had grown weary of me crying about my commute -- she really had no idea of my pain.  That is the problem -- if you don't commute across the West Seattle bridge, you simply can't imagine the  stupidity of it.

However, today my friend's summer schedule requires that she cross the West Seattle bridge, daily.   And guess what?   She now "gets it" and has earned her stripes.  She is an angry bridge warrior.  And has become a vocal objector, posting complaints on FB. 

As much as I hate to admit,  now that the only commuting I must do is up and down Admiral Way on my way to Alki beach, I can see why most people don't care about those schmucks who must drudge their way across the bridge.  For goodness sakes, we have more important things to worry about -- like whether or not to have foam in our lattes.

And that is why we will likely never see the bridge crossing situation improve -- because the large majority of Seattleites have no idea, and therefore couldn't care less, about how messy, unacceptable, time wasting, crappy. f'd up the morning commute is on the West Seattle bridge.

In summation,  I give you this:   No cross -- no care.  End of story.

*** Please note that I will soon have to resume my place among the thousands of commuters I lovingly refer to as my bridge buddies.  

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Right of way people!

In order to "cross the bridge" you must first get to the bridge, correct?

This part is trickier for some than for others.   Unmarked intersections and traffic circles (or "round abouts") apparently push some West Seattle commuters way beyond their capacity to cope -- so they throw their hands up in the air and proceed to wreck things.   

Here is a pop quiz.  When you come to a traffic circle you are supposed to:

a.  Drive over it
b.  Enter it going in a clockwise direction
c.  Enter it going in a counter clockwise direction
d.  Avoid it all together
e.  Speed up and close your eyes
f.   Stop and scratch

If you are confounded by all this traffic circle business, take a looksy here...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Don't leave home w/o checking "the blog"

If you live in West Seattle, then you KNOW what "the blog" is, right?

It is the West Seattle Blog, of course!


If you want traffic alerts and updates regarding your ETA from West Seattle to anything East of the bridge -- then here is the place to go... the West Seattle Blog is always a sure bet:


Here is our illustrious West Seattle bridge -- I took this photo from a Beacon Hill vantage point -- a detour route I routinely traverse to avoid downtown I-5 traffic.

And if you just want to make some comments about your experience on the bridge -- please drop by my blog and do so any time.  

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Accidents happen -- oh yes they do!

There was an accident on the bridge today.  Two tow trucks and smashed cars were observed.   Delays happened.  Yada yada.  That's all I got.  Good day and carry on.

Oh, one more thing... it is sunny and the Mt. is OUT!

Mt. Rainier as viewed from West Seattle