Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Lite

It is Friday and that means the bridge is more forgiving than usual -- or should I say more accommodating?  The radio personalities refer to this phenom as "Friday Lite".   

 Friday Lite is really just another way of saying lots of folks decided to skip going to work and start their weekend a day early. 

I have to say, today I was pleasantly surprised to find Friday Lite was actually  happening to me!  I zoomed across the bridge -- without uttering even a single expletive!

Any-who... while I was zipping my way off the bridge -- I felt very sorry for the other 90% of the commuters who remained on the bridge  -- and that would be everyone lined up trying to exit onto the 99 viaduct.   They did not get to enjoy "Friday Lite" and started their day off with the usual crappy bridge experience.   

On a side note -- our family lovingly refers to the viaduct as the "IHOP" for International House Of Pancakes.    If you happen to be on the viaduct during an earthquake, and it falls -- you will become ... a pancake :(

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lane jockeying...

Today was the same old, same old... bridge backed up (no reason -- just because there are too many of us and not enough bridge)  But, luckily, traffic was still moving.   And then it stopped.  Big surprise.

It was moving just slowly (and just quickly) enough for me to observe the lane jockeying.   I am good at it too.  I know all of us who drive on the bridge have figured out our timing as to what lane to be in, and when to get in it.   And perhaps, when to get out of it.

But still -- I always look to see if there could possibly be a better strategy to get me across the bridge just a little more quickly.   Sometimes I doubt myself ... "Did I get over too soon?  Did I miss my chance to switch lanes?  Did I wait too long?  Should I have tried to be in the right lane for a bit longer -- or conversely, the left lane?  Didn't I pass that blue SUV a while back -- what's it doing in front of me? DARN!  I knew I should have stayed in that lane!"    

Most days I just stick to my tried and true routine of utilizing the left lane first, then once I pass the big merge -- hop over to the right lane and proceed up Beacon Hill.  But some days, I just can't help myself -- I get a wild hair and decide to shake it up -- and it usually ends up badly.   

Today I was successful in getting out of the scrum and making my way, painlessly, up to Beacon Hill.  Ta-da.   I felt so smug.
WTF!?  Indeed... you better not try and cross that double white line mister!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What the hell?!

The bridge gets highest marks for consistency.   Traffic backed up yet again today... Fed Ex semi jackknifed and flipped, then caught on fire on I-5 southbound.   This effectively shut down I-5  for a "while".   Any I-5 injury refers pain down to the West Seattle bridge... so we all suffered.   

A friend  suggested that West Seattle developers be required to pay a special tax to help offset  transportation infrastructure expenses.   I am supposing that the very large condominium complexes being built will be filled in the near future.  I am so curious as to how more people can possibly fit on the West Seattle bridge?   There amazingly seems to be no thought given to improving /upgrading transportation infrastructure to meet the demands of increased West Seattle population.  How the hell are we all expected to get in and out of West Seattle?   The development of West Seattle is going gang busters and the traffic/parking/road congestion is already beyond capacity.  Developers are going to make a lot of money bringing in the masses to West Seattle.  Unfortunately, they don't yet worry about how all the new people get in and out of West Seattle.   Developers should be required to have transportation impact studies done and a transportation plan devised, and approved, before they are allowed to break ground for any new housing or business development.  Then they should be taxed so that they pay for some of the improvements to transportation infrastructure.   Perhaps there are already taxes in place for such things -- but if so, apparently they are not enough.  

Something has got to give -- the bridge continues to be an unacceptable mess.

Do other West Seattlites feel outraged as I do?   Do you feel my pain?  Are you wid me or agin me?

Were you my bridge buddy today?   Did you say a few choice words?
Do you wonder "WHAT THE HELL?"  as I do?
(I took this pic from a viewpoint on Beacon Hill)