Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Lite

It is Friday and that means the bridge is more forgiving than usual -- or should I say more accommodating?  The radio personalities refer to this phenom as "Friday Lite".   

 Friday Lite is really just another way of saying lots of folks decided to skip going to work and start their weekend a day early. 

I have to say, today I was pleasantly surprised to find Friday Lite was actually  happening to me!  I zoomed across the bridge -- without uttering even a single expletive!

Any-who... while I was zipping my way off the bridge -- I felt very sorry for the other 90% of the commuters who remained on the bridge  -- and that would be everyone lined up trying to exit onto the 99 viaduct.   They did not get to enjoy "Friday Lite" and started their day off with the usual crappy bridge experience.   

On a side note -- our family lovingly refers to the viaduct as the "IHOP" for International House Of Pancakes.    If you happen to be on the viaduct during an earthquake, and it falls -- you will become ... a pancake :(


  1. years ago I used to say that Friday was "signals optional day" here in West Seattle...seems like it still is. Either that or these new car drivers are getting stripped down versions of their lights...

  2. Here's what I sayeth... it is a cardinal sin not to use thou-est blinker ;) Woe be to thee!