Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bridge Buddy might be a secret agent?

Here we are, all of West Seattle humanity, entering the bridge.  All we want to do is get across the water and over to that grouping of buildings you see in the picture.  Those buildings are "downtown" -- less than 2 miles away.  Why can I take the water taxi and get there faster than driving a car or taking a bus?   Silly thing, those of us who drive across the bridge get lured into the trap, daily, of somehow thinking a bridge is supposed to get you somewhere.  When will we learn?
My sister  thinks I write a "funny" little blog about the West Seattle Bridge.  Easy for her to say since she lives in Texas where there are no high rise bridges, only dusty trails where people ride horseback.

She thinks I am writing a "funny little blog" but what she doesn't understand is there is nothing f-ing funny about the West Seattle Bridge.    After all, is it "funny" when you're 30 minutes late for work -- and you are the opening Starbucks barista?  No, not funny.   Is it funny when an accident on the bridge makes 500 people late for work and they all get fired?  I think not.

Nor is it at all humorous when your sister "outs" you on Facebook.  All I really wanted was to remain spinelessly anonymous to the world -- known simply as "Bridge Buddy".   Everyone knows when you post as "anon" -- you can say and do things you normally would not.   For example, I can insult whoever I like, or I can build up my importance.  I can be an expert in all things I know totally nothing about.   If I keep you in the dark as to who I am -- you might imagine I'm your neighbor (perhaps), or your check-out person at the grocery (perhaps) or a city engineer (perhaps), or your doctor (less likely), or your pastor (even less likely).  Perhaps the best part of being anonymous on a blog is the fact that you can lie an get away with it ;)  And there are no repercussions to speak of.   At least not so far.

Now back to my sister...   if she directed you to this blog -- she is totally confused and wrong about Bridge Buddy's true identity.

So for the record, Lisa is not my sister.


  1. Misunderstood TexanJune 3, 2013 at 8:30 AM

    Well, lady, you have obviously never driven I-35 through Austin, Texas! And please stop promoting the myth of ALL Texans riding horseback; a bunch of us now have pickups.

  2. Howdy Miss Understood,

    I was just josh'n. I know ya'll love your pickups and only ride horses for barrel racing, hunting, roping, herding, and trail rides (or as part of a posse).

  3. Ah....sisters! This is a fun - and an informative one! Somedays I'm simply amazed at how much 5-10 minutes can make if I'm running late on my commute! And why are we all late on the same day???!! Also amazes me.

  4. "Those buildings are "downtown" -- less than 2 miles away. "

    Actually that's not correct. they are 4 miles away from 35th and Fauntleroy. 5 miles if you go all the way to the space needle.

    1. I was speaking more in terms of measuring the distance "as the crow flies" -- from Seacrest Marina straight across to the Seattle waterfront. I know the distance from Seacrest to the Seattle Aquarium is only 1.9 nautical miles, and 2.2 miles per this handy site ( So I guesstimated the distance straight across the water would be slightly less than 2 miles. However, I am super glad to know someone is actually reading this stuff :) Most of my blog is written tongue-in-cheek so ...2 miles to me, might be more like 4 miles to you -- stuff like that is what happens on my blog. But generally I try to be genuine and honest.