Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bridge Ya-hoos and A-holes...

The bridge commute was nothing out of the ordinary today (same crowd as every other day).  As well, there were the same sprinkling of rude people as usual.

I took note of a few rude "regulars" on the bridge today, and I asked myself:

Why do some people  feel the need to speed up and refuse to let those "merging" get into the lane?   It isn't as if the mergers have any other choice - their lane is ending and they must merge.  Let them merge, for God's sake!  I'm not sure what this bad behavior is all about.

Why do some people, who are driving behind you, feel the need to speed up and pass you -- when the traffic is pretty much stop and go?  So they speed up, cut in front of you -- placing themselves just one car in front of you, and then they have to stop, because the traffic is still stop and go.  Hey buddy!  I can see you behind me, and I can see you pass me, and I can see you when you are now driving right in front of me for the rest of the trip across the bridge.  Somehow it was VERY important to this type of driver that they get one car ahead of YOUR car...why is this?   I'm pretty sure it is because they do not think you being on time is as important to them being on time -- they think they are more important than any other driver trying to get to work.  These types of drivers are pretty self-centered.  Or more simply put,  A-holes.

And lastly, why do some people refuse to put their blinker on when they clearly want to switch lanes?  

Do you have any insight into these behaviors?

This is one reason we continue to live in West Seattle and endure the "bridge" commute...
beautiful vistas!  I'm so fortunate I get to see THIS view from the  front steps of my house.
(where I captured Mt. Rainier in all its glory)

 I also get to see this view almost every day when I cross the bridge:
I took this while stopped on the bridge one day.  I edited to B&W
 because most days look this gray way when I'm on the bridge..


  1. That's no the view I have when crossing the bridge. When I drive I use the low bridge, because it's faster most of the time. When I bicycle there's no traffic. Most of the problem is so many people drive just to downtown seattle despite it only being a 4 or 5 mile bike ride. Most people have the capability to ride bikes. From teenagers to seniors who have good health. Just something to consider if you don't need to go very far. Takes me 20 mins to downtown regardless of traffic.