Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'd hate to be that guy...

I feel badly for any sick or injured person who requires transport across the bridge, via aid car, during the morning commute.   Hopefully this morning's ill person was not deathly ill -- because trying to move an aid car around 10 billion cars on the bridge is no easy feat.   After all,  every second counts when you're trying to get a person to the ER and the bridge traffic doesn't exactly help speed things up.

I gotta say, when you have two lanes entering the bridge, and they are both backed up, bumper to bumper, and then you add an aid car into the mix --it gets messy.  Not exactly the traffic situation you want if you're experiencing some life or death emergency.   I really hope it all turned out OK. 

That concludes the story of this morning's commute.  Unfortunately, that is pretty much the status quo.  

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that at this same time,  the Mercer Street exit was clogged up on I-5 due to a semi hitting a car... which of course caused I-5 to back up, which of course didn't help the ambulance get across the bridge.  And so it goes...

Now I must sign off  -- it is time for me to cross the bridge again (I get to do it twice each day) so I bid you adieu.


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