Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thank God I am not on the bridge today!

It has been a long, long time since I visited my own blog...

As I no longer am required to make a daily commute over the bridge, I have joined the ranks of those people who seemingly "could not care less" about the plight of those who have to cross the bridge.

Truth be told, I care.  I care a LOT.   However,  after experiencing a type euphoria, from no longer having to be part of the bridge insanity,  I didn't want to spoil my serene complacency by re-visiting any of my memories of the bridge horrors.  So I stopped all bridge discussion (with friends, or whomever I could corner to complain to)  and desisted all blog activity having to do with the West Seattle Bridge.  I haven't added to my blog since April!   But today -- after reading about the morning commute (or lack thereof) I could no longer remain silent on the matter.

Back in the day, last year, when I was trying to raise awareness of the bridge insanity -- during the time in my life when I had to commute across the bridge not once, but twice a day -- I came to the conclusion that the reason nothing was getting done about the bridge was because there were so many people who did not experience the utter failure of the West Seattle Bridge.    When you do not experience it -- you can't truly imagine it.   If you try to describe the horrible bridge situation to those that do not, or have not experienced it,  you are wasting your breath.  It is unimaginable, even with the best of descriptions.

Today the bridge remained (remains?) backed up and clogged because of accidents -- and.... the lack of tow trucks available to clear the bridge!!! ????    OMG.   Then someone apparently fainted during their commute and that required an's that going over?  I need to check the West Seattle Blog ( -- who does a great job of keeping folks as up to speed as possible on the bridge insanity.   Just reading the comments on the blog is painful enough for me -- it throws me right back into that time in my life, not so terribly long ago, when I was one of those poor people who found themselves helplessly among hundreds of other anxious, angry, and beyond frustrated bridge commuters.   I feel my blood pressure rising as I type.

So, what is to be done?  There are people who care and there are people who are organizing.  There are people who know what can be done and there are people who apparently don't want anything to be done.  Who are these various groups and what is their agenda?

If you care about correcting this situation -- you best find out who the players are and what they are up to.

And for all my Bridge Buddies out there who must continue be part of the hellish commute across the West Seattle Bridge, please know that it can always get worse, and it will -- think micro-housing, podominiums, viaduct destruction, tunnel construction (perhaps?).

I believe there needs to be a planned, organized, systematic protest -- where many of us fine West Seattle citizens gather in a place that can't be ignored (*midspan?!)  and raise our collective voices over what is a totally unacceptable bridge situation.

Yours Truly,

Bridge Buddy

* I am not advocating an unsafe protest, but I have often fantasized about a time when all morning commuters simply stop their cars, get out, and walk away -- leaving the bridge littered with cars and a traffic jam to rival all traffic jams.  Such a protest would certainly make the news and garner attention.  There might be a few tickets issued and perhaps jail time -- but hey -- seems the end justifies the means.   But I am not advocating for this -- just imagining it.

For up-to-date traffic information regarding the West Seattle Bridge, please visit one of my favorite sites...

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