Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Comrades-in-arms (aka fellow West Seattle neighbors who feel my pain on the bridge every day) Please answer me this --

Why is there only one lane getting off the bridge to go Northbound on I-5?   

Seriously --  WTF?
That's what I'm talk'n about!   
The exit sign for I-5 North says it all.

"Merge" ... a strange sounding word but something that we must do.  It is compulsory.  I like the definitions and cool visual below, but what we do on the bridge is more accurately defined as "cram together".  

"Merge" visual provided by Thinkmap Visual Thesarus Image from the Visual Thesaurus, Copyright ©1998-2013 Thinkmap, Inc. 
All rights reserved


  1. Radio stations: Bob Rivers, BJ in the Morning and Danny Bonnaducci - help keep me sane. Any others out there worth listening to? And don't say NPR, I can't handle reality in the morning.

  2. The West Seattle Bridge

    The West Seattle Bridge is a bridge that goes somewhere -

    A bridge from West Seattle that goes from here to there -

    It takes you to many places where busy people have to go -

    This blog is to see if some of those people can better know.

    Those drivers who are courteous and help us get into a lane -

    When the traffic along with the weather is hectic and insane -

    Yes they are good people who along with us make their way -

    With our frustrations in good nature with the traffic we play.

    So this blog that I am posting is for us to try to communicate,

    With the many drivers who with West Seattle Bridge do relate

    To see where they may be going and to know who they may be -

    So when we are off the bridge in friendship another place see.

    Anonymous at times West Seattle Bridge friend.


    1. Bravo :) It would be nice if everyone behaved neighborly on the West Seattle bridge. Today's bridge experience made most of us grumpy I'm afraid and there was some naughty behavior.