Thursday, April 25, 2013

Parking lot

It boggles my mind that we put up with this bridge hell.  I say if you cause an accident on the bridge, there should be mandatory jail time.

Not sure what can be done about our horrific bridge situation.  I'm pretty sure we would get some governmental entity to pay attention if we...

stood united and made a big hairy mess on the bridge one day.   Say we all decided to get out of our cars one morning,  while stuck on the bridge, and not get back in -- just walk away and leave our cars (hundreds of them)  to be towed... that would probably make a good statement about how this situation sucks to infinity and beyond.  I honestly think this would be worth it -- in such a dire situation, I beileve the end justifies the means.

Today was one of those days where you just wish you had stayed in bed for several more hours.  Two lanes were blocked on the bridge due to a multi-car accident.

Accidents on the bridge always mean that lanes are blocked -- aid car, police vehicles, tow trucks... you get the picture.  This was Thursday's morning commute -- with traffic backed up to the 35th and Fauntleroy intersection, and beyond.

 Today's traffic-- luckily the day is GORGEOUS!
I took the long shot photos from a viewpoint on Beacon Hill -- where I sometimes detour to avoid I-5 traffic into Seattle.
Photo taken entering West Seattle Bridge from Fauntelroy and 35th intersection

Taken from a viewpoint on Beacon Hill.


  1. Saw this on the wsb. Thanks for sharing your link. I feel your pain.

    1. Thanks for stopping in. It has been very cathartic -- starting this blog. I really am in disbelief over our bridge insanity.
      Feel free to leave long diatribes anytime you feel like griping too. Cheers!